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Lakeshore Cash Register

Do you need a new cash register? Or want to up your sales rate? Lakeshore real-working cash register is a top-rated solution for you! With this new cash register, you can easily build sales charts and calculate totals without having to enter the data into your old cash register, plus, our buildable cash register will help you up your sales rate by finding and your total sales for you.

Lakeshore Learning Cash Register

This hands-on learning experience lets you learn how to cash a cash register from scratch! With simple steps and lots of practice, you'll be able to achieve results without having to read text tutorials, not only will this be beneficial to your business, but you'll also be able to operate different cash registers to learn different methods of sales. The cash register Lakeshore learn-play real-working cash register is exceptional for students who desiderate to get their hands on the real thing while playing with money, this register is all you need to number money bills, coins, and other items while working with basic arithmetic. With the help of this register, you can too number money bills, coins, and other items in your classroom, the Lakeshore learn-play real-working cash register is an unrivaled choice to improve your recalled learning. This register is real-working cash register that means it pays attention to your customers, the timer and data entry are basic to operate and make mistakes are very few. This register can handle large amounts of cash and always imparts the latest in technology, the Lakeshore learning cash register is top-of-the-heap for your next store! With our basic to handle play money side effect you can easily and quickly spend your money in the true learning environment. The cash register comes with a few accessories such as a data entry box and a wishbone, so you can add either of these accessories to your store to add even more fun and excitement for your customers.