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Green Supermarket Cash Register Play Set

This charming play set from green supermarket loves to run! With its high-quality construction and loved-up style, this play set is sure to make your children love shopping for christmas brighter. With two cash registers, a scanner playset, and a korea-based holiday season,

Green Supermarket Cash Register Play Set Walmart

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Cheap Green Supermarket Cash Register Play Set

This play set includes two cash registers - one with a green light and one with a red light. It is easy to use and enables you to do such things as check prices and goods. The scanner playset is a great addition to your child's play set. This play set is perfect for children who love to shop at the green supermarket. The scanner playset allows children to input their groceries and amount they need, as well as their price range. The cash register scene is bright and colorful, and the check out screen makes it easy to get out of the sale. This playset is perfect for little kids who want to play with christmas toys and/or parents who want to keep track of shopping purchases. The play set includes two cash registers, a scanner and two toy children. The scanner allows the child to input their shopping items and the play set plays the sound of a shopping mall security guard breaking up sales talkies. The fun begins as the family rejoice as their purchase is delivered to the grocery store on christmas day. The cash register play set allows the child to interact with the cash register and check out. The play set also includes a scanner to read the prices for the various items on the store's store shelf. If the child's color is blue, they can use the scanner to check out specific items for money. If their color is green, they can head to the checkout to get their money. The play set is the perfect addition to any room in the house, and can be used for early childhood development as well.